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About Me

Hello, I’m Jacob (founder of CG) and I’ve been shooting since 2012. I’m a huge outdoors person and always have been. I was raised by a hunter and grew up in a family filled with them. My first time with a crossbow came one summer day when my cousin was in town visiting along with his crossbow.


I’ll never forget the day I called him asking if he had any free time during the week he was in. He said he was available that day and asked me if I was interested in shooting his crossbow. My old self that had never even touched one was ecstatic to go out and fire one.


Later that day I went over my uncles where he was staying and after a brief rundown of how things worked, what to do, and what not to do I had his Horton Fury in my hands. He had a target positioned about 50ft away and I was looking down into the scope.


My first ever crossbow shot I surprised myself by just barely hitting the target. I may of just barely hit it but the feeling was absolutely amazing. I’ll never forget the first time I launched an arrow at 360 feet per second and the impact it made when it hit the target. It felt incredible and I immediately fell in love with it. I looked at my cousin with a huge smile on my face and he asked me what I thought.


Ever since then I have loved crossbows. They quickly became my favorite weapon of choice and that’s what started my obsession.


Why I created CrossbowGuru

I created this site because when I was first getting into crossbows I had a million questions for my cousin and he walked me through everything and showed me what to do and how to do it. If I didn’t have him back then I probably would’ve never gotten into crossbows in the first place. Now that I have years of experience with them I want to help others the same way my cousin helped me.


I hope I can spread information on these amazing devices to get more people into them or help out people who may already be. I hope I can be as good a teacher as he was and help out anyone who may be interested in learning more about them or looking for quality information.


Goal of CrossbowGuru

The sole purpose of this site is to help members of the crossbow community get useful information. Answer questions that new crossbow users may have and help users with detailed articles, guides, and reviews.


All the best,